The Appeals Process

There are three stages in the assessment process.

Stage 1 – Review

The first stage is to advise you whether there are grounds for an appeal. This must be completed before the end of January. Our initial review will be based upon an analysis of comparable properties, the subject tenancy schedule, income and expense statement, our general knowledge of the marketplace and discussions with yourselves and other market participants. Once this review is completed, a short report will be sent to you. If it is agreed to commence an appeal, we will file the necessary forms.

If you feel that at this stage an inspection or a more detailed analysis is required, it will be necessary to advise us, as the fee and time schedule is different.

Stage 2 – Negotiation

After filing the appeal, we will undertake further research, review the Assessor’s valuation, prepare a presentation to BC Assessment, attempt to negotiate with them and report back to you. The Assessor may recommend a new value which we will discuss with you. If no agreement is forthcoming, an appearance at the Property Assessment Review Panel may be worthwhile if the issues are relatively simple and easily documented.

Stage 3 – Appeal Board

If the Assessor and I cannot arrive at a value satisfactory to you, an appeal to the Appeal Board must be made. This entails a more detailed presentation and exchange of data with the Assessor, settlement conferences, preparation of a final report to be presented to the Board, and appearance at the Board, if necessary, however most cases are settled before the case gets to the Board.

To discuss your property assessment appeal, please contact us.