Is Your Property Assessment Correct?

BC Assessment does a good job, BUT they are not always aware of the issues around your property.

In undertaking a review of your property, you should check whether:

  1. The square footage of the building and the land area are correct
  2. The Assessor used a fair rate for rental, vacancy and expenses for the space
  3. The capitalization rate is reflective of the circumstances of the subject property
  4. The necessity for any major repairs and expenses in the near future is accounted for
  5. The Assessor has taken into account any negative aspects of the property
  6. The valuation correctly reflects the state and condition as at October 31st of the preceding year
  7. The site has contamination, some allowance has been made for it
  8. The property is correctly classified
  9. The property is equitably assessed in relationship to other properties

We can assist in making sure BCA is using the correct components in the valuation.

If our review suggests BCA has missed something, then there is an 80% chance your assessment and taxes will fall.

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