Fees For Appeals

Fees are reviewed at each stage as detailed below:

Stage 1

In general, the initial fee will be $1030 for each major use for new properties. The fee is $880 if we have previously reviewed the property. More complicated properties, such as shopping centres, office buildings or special use properties, may require a higher fee. If there is excess land involved in the valuation, this is generally concluded to be an  additional use as research is required in order to determine whether the excess land value, if any, has been correctly assessed. Similar properties will be charged a lesser amount.

Once we have discussed each property with you and specifically identified which of the properties will be reviewed, we will provide an exact fee quote.

Stage 2

The fee is on an hourly basis, total cost of which can vary, depending upon the type of property, location and grounds for appeal. Generally, we anticipate a fee between $1,500 and $5,000.

Stage 3

This is based upon an hourly fee. We work in increments of $5,000, advising you of progress each time the budget level is reached. We determine the cost effectiveness of continuing with each appeal before proceeding to the next stage. There can be either immediate benefits of continuing with the appeal based upon valuation or long term benefits where the Assessor has used incorrect assessment or valuation principles. Should this fee structure not suit your company, it can be modified.

We only incur fees if we believe that grounds for continuing an appeal exist. Throughout the process, if we feel no progress is being made we will stop work and discuss the issues with you.