Residential Development Sites

Austin Real Estate Consultants have been involved in Assessment reviews and appeals of development sites for many years. Our clients include many major developers such as Pinnacle, Bosa and Ledmac to name a few. We have successfully achieved property tax savings related to the following issues:

  1. General zoning versus specific zoning
  2. (06) versus (01) versus (08) zoning
  3. Offsite costs unaccounted for
  4. Adjustments for proposed roads
  5. Site Slope costs
  6. CAC contributions due to rezone
  7. Values too high
  8. Consideration of affordable housing units
  9. Equity with other properties
  10. Treatment of extra density bonus
  11. Construction costs – double counting; overestimate, % complete
  12. Abnormal requirements by municipality
  13. Abnormal site conditions