Opportunities for Brokers

  1. Connecting with the Clients
    1. Remind clients of appeal deadline February 1st
    2. Advise where assessments can be found
    3. Give reasons why they should be concerned about their assessed values
  2. Make your leasing easier
    1. Reduce operating costs
  3. Current listings - Prime properties for review are:
    1. Where asking price is below assessment
    2. Spaces that are difficult to lease
    3. Buildings with high vacancies for a long period
    4. Asking rents not being obtained
  4. Pending deals
    1. If assessment is above the sale price, then the purchaser can appeal
  5. Previous deals where tenant does not take occupation till after October 31, 2015
    1. the use of the space is important in determining the mill rate for an industrial user. If a lease is negotiated then the user could get an 06 class, even if they have not moved in.
    2. cost of work to be done for future tenant could be deducted from the assessed value if not complete.

I have prepared a letter for brokers to send to their landlord or tenant clients, which I would be happy to share.

For more information or if you have questions, please call Peter Austin at 604 733 3282