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Vancouver Vacancy Tax

The City of Vancouver enacted the Vancouver Vacancy Tax Bylaw to come into effect for 2018 under Bylaw #11674. The tax of 1% will be imposed if a property is deemed either unoccupied or vacant.

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2018 Property Assessment Value Changes

The total amount of assessed values has increased as indicated on the table. In general terms, that should result in a decrease in the tax rate (millrate).

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Misconceptions within the Property Assessment Process

Everyone knows there are only two certainties in life: Death and taxes. Most landlords, tenants, and property owners want to know if they are paying too much tax and what to do about it.

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Classification of Mixed-Use Properties for Property Tax Purposes The Final Chapter – Or is it?

The Assessment Act, in a nutshell, says any land that is vacant and not zoned or held for commercial or industrial purposes should be classified residential (more specifically detailed in previous articles). We suggested that Land goes from underground to the sky, thus any zoning that limited commercial development on any floors and allowed residential, should be classed residential.

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Housing Market in the City of Vancouver

Does the city have enough zoned land, if so, why do prices keep increasing? Should we rezone more land along transit lines?

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Assessment Increases by Area: 2017 Versus 2016

If your % increase in value is greater than the average, you may be over assessed and an appeal merited. However, it is very important to make sure the assessment is not too low before appealing.

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