Reasons to Appeal Your Property Assessments

2012 ASSESSMENT APPEAL DEADLINE: Tuesday January 31st.

Why should landlords and property managers attempt to lower property tax?

  • Obtaining reductions can reduce total operating costs making the building more competitive when leasing space;
  • The building will be worth more in the future;
  • Maintaining a competitive and equitable assessment provides value to properties performing well, and significant tax relief to owners of properties experiencing valuation concerns based upon physical or market circumstances;
  • Lower expenses create higher net rents, which will increase values.
  • It is good tenant relations to return a tax cheque at year end;
  • A review shows the tenants that the landlord cares.
  • Fiduciary duty

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Peter Austin has been in involved in the assessment industry for some 30 and was a partner at Burgess Austin Appraisers for 25 years. He was Chair of the BC Chapter of the Canadian Property Tax Association for 5 years.

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