Mixed Use Properties

Potential reclassification for Property Taxation

October 28th, 2016

The result of the "Amacon" case, that concluded that "Land went from the ground into the air-space above it", could result in a change of classification for mixed-use sites, where the zoning permits residential use. This could affect properties that have commercial use on the main floor but permit residential. One key factor is whether BCA can accurately assess a specific portion or % that does not permit commercial.

The % of residential class will vary depending upon the zoning and the current use.

There are currently over 350 properties under appeal, 41 of which are in the same zone as the "Amacon" property. BCA will address these first which will likely not be till December. The others will be dealt with on an ongoing basis.

BCA's review of those properties will not occur until 2017, hence an appeal will need to be lodged for 2017 assessments.

IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO APPEAL without discussing the issues with a tax consultant. If you are discussing this issue with your neighbours, please have them call me.

An unmerited appeal clogs up the system and gives BC Assessment unnecessary work.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Peter Austin, BSc. AACI, CArb
Ph: 604-733-3282
E: paustin@telus.net