Civil Resolution Tribunal Update
October 2014

The Civil Resolution Tribunal has been established by the Provincial Government as an alternative to the Supreme Court.

As Canada’s first online tribunal, the CRT will significantly increase access to justice for British Columbians by helping them to resolve strata property and small claims disputes fairly, quickly, and affordably, ideally from the comfort of their home computer or even their mobile phone. The CRT will also empower and support citizens to use a variety of dispute resolution methods, including negotiation, facilitation, and if necessary, adjudication.

I would like to begin by thanking Peter Austin, who represents BCAMI on the CRT’s Strata Working Group for providing insightful comments and feedback on the CRT. The past few months have been quite busy, and I would like to update you on our progress towards implementation.

First, together with other tribunals, we have been designing the CRT’s dispute resolution technology platform. This process is similar to drafting blueprints for the construction of a building, and is necessary for the technology partner to be able to create a solid, well-designed CRT platform. We are in the final stages of selecting this technology partner, and the successful candidate will be expected to hit the ground running, to ensure that the CRT opens its virtual doors in 2015.

Second, this fall, the CRT will be hiring two staff members who will work hard to establish the myriad of systems and processes which help tribunals operate smoothly. We will be hiring more staff in the New Year, as the CRT gets closer to opening.

Finally, in the next few weeks, I will be launching an implementation website for the CRT, which is intended to provide helpful information about how the CRT will work and keep you informed about our progress in implementing the CRT. Equally important, the website will let you share your questions and comments with us.

We are committed to making the CRT as easy-to-use and accessible as possible, and we encourage you get in touch with us through the website. I will be sure to provide a link to the CRT implementation website when it becomes operational. I will also continue to update BCAMI members on CRT developments in the coming months.