Property Tax Update October 2014

Important Dates

October 31st: Property will be assessed based upon the state and condition of your property at this date; physical, zoning and use.

November 30th: Assessment will be based upon the legal status of the property at this date. This is relevant for subdivision, stratification or assembly as value can be affected by the status.

November 5th: We can obtain Property Valuation Summaries (PVS) in advance. Please advise if you would like us to obtain these.

December 04th: Assessment roll valuation closes. Any changes in the property need to be given to BCA prior to this date in time to make changes to the roll.

January 02nd: Assessment notices will be sent out.

February 02nd: Appeal deadline.


Photos to show the state of your property should be taken on October 31st:

  • Properties under development;
  • Buildings being demolished or to be demolished;
  • Unfinished interior for retail or office or industrial space.

Mixed Use Classification

The Amacon decision (see website article ‘Assessment Appeal Board Changes Classification…’) has been appealed by BC Assessment. The decision allowed for a.) a site that was zoned for several specific uses and b) where those were the only uses permitted (eg. a site zoned for 2 commercial FSR and 3 residential FSR) to have split classification whereas BCA currently classifies the site totally commercial 06.

Any mixed use development site should be reviewed to see if it qualifies for a split class.


Please call us if you:

  • Require clarification on the tax consequence of any action you propose to take;
  • Would like us to obtain Property Valuation Summaries in advance;
  • Would like us to take photographs for you.